For sports people



Just come and enjoy yourself playing on a private field in an exceptional setting or why not come and follow a training course that « learns to learn » by developing pedagogical and relational techniques which optimise your actions and your chances of success.
Motivation, concentration, confidence and communication, don't neglect the basics !



An evening at the pool or a relaxing afternoon on the surrounding patio ?
Surrounded by olive grove with a view of the Pilon du Roi and the Aix region, the swimming pool offers intimacy and a unique cachet.
With its sun loungers exposed to the sun and its 16.5 meters long by 6 meters wide, this area is perfect to rent for small or large committees.



Record a promotional spot or your sports performances on the tennis court or in the swimming pool ?
La Migranière offers an ideal setting for the intervention of a professional photographer with a plethora of locations for a shooting : olive grove, swimming pool, vineyards, terraces, fountains or, for indoors, carefully decorated lounges.

A partner of excellence

Sud Tennis Académie

Sud Tennis Academy is a professional training center for young players with tennis as a main goal.

Individualized follow-up, personalized program and implementation of the project of the athlete are the strength of Sud Tennis Académie which proposes to the player to accompany him on training blocks from a few days to a few weeks or in total immersion within his Academy.

Our prices

The services are tailor-made for a group or individual.
Our prices are adjusted according the duration of the personalized training courses at the Migranière domain.

Prices are given on quotation only.