The Property

Hidden in the heart of a green 3 hectares estate, The domain of La Migranière radiates by its classicism and its vast expanses.
Built by the Michelin family at the time, it is now in the hands of an owner with a very refined taste for contemporary art.

Located just a few minutes from downtown Aix, the Migranière is divided into several areas that offer a wide variety of event possibilities :

The French gardens are ideal for any type of reception for large groups.
Seated meals and cocktails will marry perfectly with the formal perfection of this space.
A very large green area is available for the installation of a reception tent.
Finally, the interior of the house and the shaded terrace will be perfect for your cocktails in all intimacy.

The Owner's advice :
« La Migranière is a true haven of peace to rent for all your events. In summer as well as in winter, this event site allows you to organize receptions, seminars, or business meals. »

The Owner

Stéphane Cristol Picture

My desire as Decorator and Ambiance Creator for La Migraniere was to bring it back to life. This estate, which has been the property of Michelin, was very structured with a pool and a French-style park, its stone walls and varied trees.

The idea :
To make this place a place where people come to enjoy the pleasures of art, nature and sport.

I have never stopped improving it because it is a haven of peace and pleasure for sportsmen, collectors and lovers of beautiful places.

Apartments, residences, pavilions, restaurants and even castles have been my favourite targets for bringing together objects, atmospheres and having the pleasure of living there. My relationships with my projects are always of a great emotional quality, and we talk for hours with my clients to find out what atmosphere will really suit them.